September 21, 2016


Stay away from "Lotto Crusher" or lose $97.00!!!  Everett Thompson wonder man and crook of this lotto program would have you believe an 8th grader could figure out all the graphs and data neccesary to make money playing the lottery.  I gave it two weeks to test and decided to proceed with a refund shortly afterward.  My request for a refund (three times) was never me...anyone that can not reply to a simple email about a refund....either doesn't exist.....or is a d* scam artist making a living on the rest of us.  This is a bad deal for everyone.  October 19,2015.....

I paid $97.00 for a copy of the Lotto Crusher System. I wsnt my money returned. I only have one email address. I have not received any return contact from the company. The money was paid via PayPal on Sep 1, 2016. If I was not satisfied I could ask for a refund. There has not been a response to date.

I was using facebook and came across Evertt Thompson's ad saying they would email a copy of their "Lottery Crusher System" directly to my email address and that I would be free to print it out and use it.

Like a fool, I gave them my credit card name and number and bank routing number for $147. They did not have a phone numbert, but provided a very long internety address which is as follows:

Here is the internet address they provided me:

I went to my email address and found NOTHING, no report, nothin from them at all, to read and/or download.

I am hoping to report them tomy bank as early as possible when they open today to stop payment!

I feel totally scammed, since they didn't even bother to prepare a bogus report for me to read and download. I charged $147 and got not one thing in return. I feel stupid for giving them the card number and the routing number for my card, for fear they will rob me blind.

help !

Since internet fraud is a federal offense, I would like to see this group or person caught and nailed for his scamming.

I have never done anything like this in my 67 years of life on earth, and I wish I had gotten something for my money to ease the pain.

This is a learning experience, but I do want my money back and my credit card and good name not ruined by this mistake.

Can you help me, please? Any assistance would be appreciated.

When something looks too much like magical thinking, it ususally is, and I feel a fool for falling for the seemingly sane "system" this Thompson guy said he'd email me.

Thank you for being great watchdogs on, not only my behalf, but on the behalf of others who this guy is scamming right and left. They are proably old ladies like me living from month to month on Social Security and I am feeling stupid, vulnerable and scared, as they are saying he uses names without our permission to tout his "sucessful system." Thank you again.

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